Steaming Service

You'll be the surprised what a difference an extra steaming can make on the final look and feel of your gown.  Costs vary dependant on the complexity of the dress. Bridesmaid dresses, trousers and waistcoats can be steamed at the same time for a minimal charge. This can be booked for prior to, or for on the day of your wedding.

Dressing Service

Remember when you shopped for your wedding gown and the bridal consultant so helpfully assisted you in putting on your gown? They helped you manoeuvre the dress over your head, easily and deftly laced the corset back or fastened that long row of buttons. They fluffed and primped and settled the petticoat so that the gown looked just perfect.

You can have this special treatment on your wedding day too, when it is even more important that you and your gown are flawless. As a professional bridal dresser, I am available to assist you and your bridal party dress for the wedding.

I am experienced in helping brides and bridesmaids dress without smudging freshly applied make up or messing beautifully styled hair. With so much more to think about on your special day, wouldn’t it be wonderful to have a worry-free dressing experience with an expert on hand to make sure your wedding attire is perfect.

Steaming & Dressing Service

This would be a combined steaming and dressing package of the services detailed above.

Steaming & Prep Service

This service would be booked for the evening or day before the wedding to get everything prepared and steamed for the big day.